Soy candles

Radiance and wellness in every candle

Soy candles

Radiance and wellness in every candle

100% vegan

They are created 
with 100% natural 
plant-based soy beans.

Vitamins and oils

Candles enriched with vitamins and oils for the care and hydration of the skin

Unique fragances

Diverse aromas elevate settings and benefit users, their families, and those nearby.


Dedicated to users and nature, we offer refillable, eco-friendly candles.

Candles Special Collection

Castle Candle Collection

Moscu Candle Collection

Materas Candle Colletion

Soaps with perfume essences

Candle Sparkles is new to the market with new toilet soaps with the fragrance of recognized perfumes. We invite you to visit us and try them.

Soy candles for topical use

Soy candles for topical use ans as an adjuvant in the care and hydration of the skin.

All our candles are crafted using organic oils such as arnica, jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, and calendula, enabling topical application and aiding in skin hydration.

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We take care of the environment

Reuse the container

One of the unique features of our products is that you can reuse our containers as decorations or for refilling the candles, all while enjoying a discount on your new purchase.


Never leave candles unattended

Our Happy Clients!

Excellent candles. They still smell unlit. They are ecological
Long lasting candles are better than any other candle out. I absolutely love the pumpkin smell. It's one of my favorites!
Love Love Love the candles...long lasting and great smell...will definitely buy more for gifts...Thanks

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